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“Public House is a revelation coming from Sarah Turner, whose film, Perestroika, was so powerful and meditative. Here, she passionately defends the existence of a neighbourhood pub by emptying it of inhabitants like a village under siege, then filling it again, bringing it back to life until it's bursting with layers of voices, stories of multi-generations, poetry, tap dancing and storytelling. The film uses techniques Turner used to such different effect earlier, here looking outward, and bursting with generosity.”

Lizzie Borden

Public House will soon be touring UK PictureHouse and other cinemas.

This date and venue list will be updated as we have more information:

2 May    London: Bloomsbury (6.15pm, Q&A with filmmaker)   :   Tickets

11 May   Liverpool (6.30pm, Q&A with filmmaker)   :   Tickets

14 May   London: East Dulwich (6.30pm, Q&A with filmmaker and community participants)  :   Tickets

16 May   Cambridge (6.20pm, Q&A with filmmaker and Yvonne Salmon, Cambridge University)  :   Tickets

17 May   London: Crouch End (6.20pm, Q&A with filmmaker)  :   Tickets

21 May   Southampton (6pm, Q&A with filmmaker)   :   Tickets

22 May   Brighton (6.30pm, Q&A with filmmaker)   :   Tickets

1 June    Norwich (8.40pm, Q&A with filmmaker)  :   Tickets

12 June   London: Kensal Rise (6.30pm, Q&A with filmmaker) Tickets

21 June   Canterbury (6.45, Q&A with filmmaker and Centre for Interdisciplinary Spatial Studies) Tickets

Further dates, to be announced for:

London: Stratford East   :   Tickets

London: Hackney   :   Tickets

London: Greenwich   :   Tickets

London: East Dulwich (further screenings)  :   Tickets

Edinburgh   :   Tickets

A gallery tour is planned for late summer/autumn 2017.

Public House will be distributed in the UK by artists’ moving image agency LUX.

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